Home Staging Tips

Expert home staging is a proven tactic applied to sell a house here in Pinehurst, NC. Some advantages to home staging include fewer days on the market and higher selling prices. If you want to sell your house quickly, consider a well thought out approach to home staging.

Staging your house in Pinehurst, North Carolina is all about selling a lifestyle. You want buyers to imagine themselves calling your house "home". You want them to see your current house as their future home.

If you want additional information about home staging to sell your Pinehurst property quickly contact me at  910.302.8374 or seesuenow@me.com and I'll give you advice for the fastest ways to sell your house.

Staging your home to sell doesn't have to be another hurdle in getting your house sold. It can actually be enjoyable. Together, we'll strive for a top dollar offer for your house. To see fewer weeks on the market in Pinehurst, start with these home staging tips:

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your only chance to create a great first impression on buyers before they enter your house. The positive and negative features that jump out at buyers create their first opinion of your house and how you upkeep home's regular maintenance. Acknowledging this assists us in deciding what measures we can take to draw buyers from the street and into your house. If your home's exterior isn't inviting with retouched paint and bright greenery we'll need to tackle those as well. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and raise your home's final selling price.

Curb Appeal Checklist >


"Welcome to your new home!"

Can buyers see themselves watching a movie in your living area, relaxing in your spa tub or inviting family and friends over for a dinner in your eat-in kitchen? I want your home to welcome buyers and give them a sense of easy living. I'll help you accomplish this by suggesting small improvements that enhance your house's features. I'll advise you eliminate anything that gives the appearance of clutter. Counter tops should be cleared off. Knickknacks, souvenirs, family photos, and kids' drawings should get moved out of sight. You need to remove the personal details from the home so buyers can perceive it as their new house.

Every room gets a once-over. I'll note the pieces of furniture that should be removed, rooms that need new paint, carpet needing to be changed, fixtures that could use shining, and any other improvement that can easily be made to positively influence the sale.

Working together, we'll make sure your house has mass appeal and that it's welcoming, avoiding "offensive" or "can't-work-with" hues on the walls and furniture. And if you've already moved out, you can try renting furniture. The goal is for your home to look lived in as opposed to bare.

Welcome Home Checklist >

Setting the Stage
In every opportunity, we want to engage the buyer's senses. To eliminate shadows critical and we'll part the curtains, and change light bulbs where needed to show off your house. Together we'll enhance the mood of the house with enjoyable music playing softly and make sure a pleasant aroma flows throughout your house. We'll include cozy-looking throws, and pillows on your chairs and bedding. Buyers should feel like your home has the potential to be.